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If a suckable piece of eye-candy decked out in a string monokini/bikini and skyscraper heels doesn't make your day, then maybe you should pass on this fresh Gya Roberts pictorial and matching video. She's really rocking that swimsuit. At, Gya is the kind of woman we put on a pedestal. Usually so we can look up her skirt. Gya's voluptuousity and robust qualities were made for a tropical climate and there's no better place in the world than the Caribbean, specifically Montego Bay, Jamaica. Among Gya's many favorite activities, she enjoys aerobics, ballet, bowling (we almost wrote "blowing"?wishful thinking there!") dance and gym workouts. "It is very hard for me to find bikini tops that fit me," says Gya. "They don't last long on me. When I go to the beach, the guys watch me without stopping. One man said to me, ?I was hoping your top would fall off when a wave hit you!' I seem to attract followers wherever I go. But that is good because I love attention, especially from all men." Gya has the gift of sexy talk, as you will hear in her video "Most Wanted!" Give Gya a big hand. And you where she would put it.

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